Your message, better.

Do you have a message to share with the world? Red Pendragon exists for you. I offer line editing and proofreading services to refine your message and help you succeed.

Let’s empower your message together.

I value good editing and I want to empower your message by providing this at affordable rates. Key to my services are these three qualities:

1. Solid.
I don’t proofread by half measures. I am a dedicated person, and that dedication shows in my work. If you’re looking for a proofreader who will polish your manuscript and even clear the cobwebs in the high corners, I’m your man.

2. Honest.
I do line edits, not copyediting. I fix your typos and punctuation and suggest ways to make your prose flow better. I don’t check your facts or ask you to rewrite your climax. But if my gut is yelling at me, I’ll leave comments for you to consider.

3. Gracious.
I’m not going to smack you with The Chicago Manual of Style if you commit too many grammatical errors. (I’m not thick-skinned either.) I respect you and your desire to share your message. You call the shots and I’ll step out of the way.

Let’s work together.