Q: In practice, how do you edit documents?
A: I ask clients to send me their documents in Word format via email. I use Track Changes to make my suggested edits and then send the edited document back to the client. I’m also happy to answer questions about my edits.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: See the Pricing page for that.

Q: You say you price by hour, but how much time does it usually take you to read a manuscript? (Or, to put it another way, how much do you usually read in an hour?)
A: That really depends on how clean the document is already and how deep my proofread is. For example, a project of 25 pages took six and a half hours; I went through that three times. The first was the bulk proofread, in which I cleaned up most of the document; the second was the fine proofread, where I printed out the document and went through it with a pen; the third was the implementation proofread, where I transferred my edits from the fine proofread to the electronic document. It depends. How perfect you want it affects how long I’ll spend on it.

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